UCSF Faculty Association

UC task force considering pension cuts


If you are concerned about a further erosion of compensation at UC, we encourage you to follow the link below to read CUCFA’s (the Council of UC Faculty Associations) explanation of the proposals made by President Napolitano’s UC task force. The task force has been charged with developing a new UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) Tier 2016 for faculty and other employees hired after June 30, 2016. Under consideration  are  reduced benefits within UCRP and a full defined contribution alternative instead of the defined benefit UCRP.

The CUCFA letter details the proposed changes to the UC Retirement Plan and lays out the threat they pose to overall compensation for new faculty, as well as for the health of the pension system for all faculty. The letter includes names of the task force members and faculty representatives to whom concerns can be directed.


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