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To become a UCSF FA-AAUP member, please complete this registration form and mail it to our Membership Processing address listed on the form.

You also have the option of registering online by completing our online form. If you are currently a dues-paying UCSF FA member and only want to add AAUP membership, please select the “UCSF FA+AAUP” membership option. If you are currently paying UCSF FA fees, you will not be charged twice for them; only the AAUP membership fee will be a new deduction for you

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) have agreed to partner together as independent but allied entities. By partnering with AAUP, CUCFA will be better able to advance its goals in the defense and promotion of academic freedom, shared university governance, and the economic security of all those engaged in teaching and research in higher education. AAUP will also gain from the valuable experience and ideas of CUCFA’s members and leadership and from CUCFA’s promotion of these goals on the University of California’s ten campuses.

As a member of a U.C. Faculty Association, which is a chapter organization of CUCFA, you will now automatically enjoy a connection with AAUP through CUCFA. To receive the full rights and privileges of individual AAUP membership, however, you can, as a supplement to your campus Faculty Association membership, join AAUP at special rates, available only to members of CUCFA-affiliated associations, of $10.50/month for Assistant Professors, $16.75/month for Associate Professors, and $18.84/month for full Professors. These dues will be collected by the campus association monthly along with Faculty Association dues via payroll deduction.

Lecturer/Assistant Professor – UCSF FA $8/mo + AAUP $10.33/mo

Associate Professor – UCSF FA $10/mo + AAUP $16.50/mo

Full Professor – UCSF FA $14/mo + AAUP $18.50/mo

Individuals who choose this option will receive the AAUP magazine Academe and AAUP emails (individual members may opt-out of the emails or request to access Academe only online), be entitled to vote and run for office in AAUP national and state elections, be eligible to serve on all AAUP committees, may attend and participate in AAUP’s annual conference, Summer Institute, and annual California state meeting as well as all webinars offered by AAUP, and be eligible to receive any additional membership benefits provided by AAUP to its non-collective bargaining members. Such members will also be eligible for any scholarship support offered by AAUP or its California conference to attend these meetings.

We hope you agree that the alliance between CUCFA and AAUP enhances the ability of both organizations to advance and defend the interests of the faculty at the ten campuses of the University of California, as well as at colleges across the nation. We therefore encourage you to supplement your Faculty membership with individual membership in the AAUP.

If you have any questions concerning the partnership or membership in the AAUP, please CONTACT us.

To become a UCSF FA-AAUP member, you again have two options.

  1. Register online by clicking here.
  2. Complete this registration form and mail it to us.

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